Freerthinking is audacious. 

What we do

Leadership Coaching and Life Hacking

Mary Freer works with some of the most vibrant, creative and determined leaders and executives, giving them the tools to walk in the world without fear and to expand their leadership reach.

The little video below highlights a one day workshop (Reframe) that was held in Melbourne on the 21st September 2018 and in Adelaide on the 19th October 2018. Talk to us about recreating an event like this for your organisation.

Mary Freer also coaches for Seth Godin’s altMBA and has worked with leaders across the world as they step up and stretch towards their edge. Mary believes that most of us don’t maximise our potential, instead we get tripped up by language that is limiting rather than expansive, by opinions that are undermining rather than liberating.

“Mary created a safe space where I could test out possibilities before I took them into the world. I feel like I am becoming the best version of me. The feedback I get from others just confirms that I am striding at a whole new pace.”

The first barrier to starting life coaching is finding a coach who you can trust.  And then I met Mary.  

The second barrier is wondering if there is value in the process.  And then I spent time with Mary.After 6 months of coaching with Mary, I am more balanced and approach life differently.  My self talk has subtly changed which translates to significant changes to my experience of life.  She helped me with a major cross-roads decision by opening my eyes to an approach.  The decision is in the past but the lesson learned is with me forever.  

If you are looking for a coach who starts with how you think and cares deeply, then Mary is for you. “

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Develop powerful coalitions for change

We facilitate large scale workshops and gatherings that bring people together around a shared purpose. You’ll find Freerthinking running schools for change makers, two day gatherings for kindness makers,intensive workshops for innovators or high stakes symposiums for large organisations and governments.

Compassion Lab

Compassionate Lab is a creative and intensive 2 day workshop delivered in a different way. Participants come together for two days and spend some time in reflection, some time learning and some time practicing new ideas and skills. The aim is to develop compassionate leaders and clinicians who will build a sustainable and robust health system for our future. These Labs draw on up to the minute neuroscientific research to help us understand how stress impacts on our physiology; how our leadership style can create positive change and how to build person centred health care teams where trust flourishes.

You can participate in a Compassionate Lab by arranging for your organisation to host a 1 or 2 Day workshop bringing together a maximum of 30 participants. We can work with you to arrange a venue, catering and promotional material.


We teach people to tell great stories. Stories that capture the heart and mind of the listener. Stories that will be remembered long after the data is forgotten. In our creation of stories we can learn how to draw on our values to manage both the anxiety and the exhilaration of agency.

We think in story. It’s hardwired into our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.

Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Facilitate critical conversations

Hard conversations require us to show up and hold space for an outcome that will emerge over time. Freerthinking has developed a reputation for addressing the impacts of bullying, harassment and intimidation. We deliver workshops that teach people how to have hard conversations that name bullying behaviour while building team cohesiveness and commitment to respect.

The Gathering of Kindness is an example where we have partnered with the AIPFCC to create a conversation over two days where the current culture of healthcare can be openly discussed and a new future can be developed. These conversations are spacious and enlivening.