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A Freerthinking Initiative

Change Day

Change Day is a people led, accessible and energetic social movement for better health outcomes.

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Change Day pledger

“There is so much opportunity to create positive change in our health and social care system. But we need to realise how enormously powerful we all are and harness that ability and power to create better outcomes for our clients and patients”

Mary Freer

Mary brings to the challenge of reforming our existing health and social care services a strong focus on ensuring that her work with diverse stakeholders results in long term co-created large scale change. She is highly skilled at creating and nurturing partnerships that strengthen emergent innovation.

Mary’s ability to think strategically and capture emergent change as it unfolds is one of her core skills. She is highly skilled at using digital and social media to create change platforms that are far reaching.

In 2014 Mary founded Australia’s first Change Day, held on 6th March 2014. This national quality improvement campaign resulted in over 15,000 individuals and organisations making a pledge to do one thing to improve patient and client outcomes. In 2015 Change Day Australia engaged 50,000 people in making a pledge for improvement. This is the largest mobilisation of people towards health improvement in Australia. This work can be seen at change 

Mary is a dynamic and creative public speaker and workshop facilitator. She is really in her element when she’s talking about the power of being a rebel.