Compassion Revolution calls for people who care.

We are activating a groundswell of people, all taking action to build more compassionate, safe and high quality health and aged care services.

“We urgently need to build a world where we are supported and encouraged to notice the distress in ourselves and others and act to alleviate that distress with the support from those around us.”

– Mary Freer

Compassion is not an emotion. Compassion is a state of mind that allows us to notice what is happening for people (ourselves included) and step forward with genuine understanding so that we can all flourish.

Compassion Revolution is a movement where we will learn from those who are creating a compassionate future. Compassion Revolution is so much more than a conference. In 2019 we will be launching a podcast, creating toolkits, delivering workshops, offering mentoring and coaching and building more compassionate communities. This is a place where we will all be inspired, learn new skills, develop new strategies and make a commitment to take action.

Compassion Revolution

Don’t miss our next Compassion Revolution 
13 & 14 October 2020 in Melbourne.

Compassion Revolution is a new way of doing conferences. We  bring together people with lived experience; world class clinicians; storytellers; creatives; entrepreneurs and amazing humans who care. Then all the magic happens.

To catch up on all the news from our first sell-out conference in 2019 head over to Compassion Revolution 

We are loading all our speakers videos into the Toolbox over the coming weeks. You can also check out our podcasts and audio files Here

Tickets go on sale May 2020 and will sell out fast ( be sure to sign up so you hear from us as soon as they are available).

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Compassion Revolution

Compassion Revolution Podcast
Inspiration, compassion and love for your ears each week

Join Mary Freer each week as she discusses love, tenderness, curiosity and all the hard work of showing up and shaping a compassion revolution. The best bit is that each podcast is less than 10 minutes long. This is ‘fuel for the troops’. Just enough to get you from the bus to the door or enough time to take a coffee break and no longer.

You can subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you find good podcasts or you can visit this link

The Compassion Revolution Podcast