A place to take a breath.

Work and life can feel overwhelming at the best of times. During a state of emergency or a prolonged crisis things can get a whole lot more complicated for us and we may  experience feelings of sadness, fear or anxiety. This reaction is normal because it is our body’s natural, biological response to a significant crisis.  

You might also be having feelings of  boredom, or loneliness due to being unable to travel to be with the people you care about. You may be concerned about how to juggle all the new demands that are being placed on you. We are all feeling some or all of these feelings from time to time.

Some days you will have a surge of optimism and energy and will be  thinking of lots of new innovative ways to contribute to your community and the wider world.  There will also be moments of celebration and accomplishment.

During the pandemic preparation phase we are all taking in a whole lot of new information that is constantly being revised and changed. You might find that you are spending more time online, scrolling for news or searching for the latest research or sharing your insights with your global colleagues. All of this can be so helpful but a lot of it at once can be like drinking from a fire hydrant. After a short while this becomes exhausting.

One thing we know for sure: we will come through this in much better shape if we take care of ourselves and each other.  

What is Breathing Space ?

Breathing Space is our way of bringing you and your colleagues together for  a dedicated period of time to experience joy, mindfulness, purpose and compassion. This is a new way of supporting people at work. We created Breathing Space to bring you a professional space to connect and build social solidarity with your colleagues.

How does it work?

We use an online video platform called Zoom. This is easy to use and can be accessed from your computer, laptop, iPad or phone.  All you need is a built in camera and microphone.

Your organisation signs up for a number of  Breathing Space sessions and then you register for a regular weekly 60 minute Breathing Space Zoom session. You will meet with about 20 other people working in healthcare, aged care or social services: all people impacted in their work by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Each session is facilitated by a qualified coach who will guide the conversation. There will be lots of opportunity for you to join in and share your wisdom and insights. This is a place for encouragement and learning. We’re building a community not a group therapy session. 

Breathing Space is all about people coming together to help each other show up and do their very best in difficult circumstances. This is an online version of the best team meeting you have ever been to.

Come and take a breath with us.

Information for organisations

Please contact Mary Freer if you would like to discuss how Breathing Space can support  your workforce over the next 6 – 12 months while we navigate our way through this global emergency.

Breathing Space sessions are purchased in blocks. Each block is made up of 8 weekly sessions for no more than 14 participants. Participants attend one session each week for the full 8 weeks.  We understand that people are busy and may not be able to make it to each session so we will enable some flexibility for participants to move between blocks.

You can purchase a block of sessions exclusively for 14 of your staff or you can purchase places for your staff to participate in sessions with colleagues from interstate or overseas .

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is held online using Zoom.  Sessions are not recorded.

We suggest that organisations arrange for a number of blocks over the next 6 months to be sure that places are secured.
We have limited capacity and are providing this service across Australia and overseas.

Cost: $9,600 (plus GST for Australian services) for One Block of 8 Sessions.

*Qualified coaches facilitate each session. We do not provide counselling or medical or technical advice about Covid-19. Where participants require advice or counselling we will refer them back to their organisational support services.

Information to individuals

Individuals are welcome to join a Breathing Space group. The fee per individual is $60 (plus GST) per session.

Mary Freer will continue to generously support our workforce by holding  fortnightly Mini Compassion Labs on Zoom  at no charge for individuals.  These sessions will be limited to 40 places across Australia and will be announced in the Compassion Revolution newsletter (note that these sessions fill generally fill up very swiftly). Please ensure you have signed up here: Compassion Revolution 

Sessions will also be  announced on Twitter @FreerMary and on our Compassion Revolution Facebook Page.  

You might also like to listen in to the Compassion Revolution weekly podcast on iTunes Link Here

Contact Mary Freer


Mobile: 0438845200

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