About Freerthinking

Mary Freer is a social change maker.

Mary Freer

“There is so much opportunity to create positive social change . But we need to realise how enormously powerful we all are and harness that ability and opportunity to create better outcomes for our clients, our patients or our customers”

Mary Freer

Freerthinking partners with change makers, innovators and radicals across the world to capture models of emergent change as they unfold.

Mary Freer is creating a compassion revolution.

She brings to the challenge of reforming our existing health and social care services a strong focus on long term, co-created, large-scale change. Change that has the individual right at the centre. She is highly skilled at creating and supporting dynamic partnerships that strengthen and diffuse emergent innovation.

Mary’s focus is on building Compassionate Leadership that will nurture a more mindful, resilient and kind workforce. She is a coach, a leader and a change maker. Her aim is create the tools for people to work in the world without fear.

Mary has held leadership positions with national government and not for profit health care  and social welfare services, including women’s and community health services, healthdirect Australia, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in South Australia, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Health Workforce Australia and now leading Freerthinking.

Mary is a coach in Seth Godin’s altMBA and is right at home coaching leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and Founders across the globe.

Mary is a TEDx speaker and a recipient of the 2014 ING Direct Dreamstarter Crowd Funding award.  In 2016 she was awarded an inaugural Westpac Bicentennial Social Change Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship enabled Mary to travel throughout Europe, UK and the USA in 2016 to meet with social innovators and leaders who are building a more compassionate world.


Freerthinking's core motivation

We recognise complexity and harnesses creative energy to make change happen.

About Freerthinking

We believe:

  • Change happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.
  • Your culture determines how your people respond, more powerfully than any incentive or management framework you can impose.
  • A great story is remembered long after the data is forgotten.
  • The more patients, clients and families become empowered, shaping their care and the services they require, the better that care becomes, and the lower the costs.
  • We need to grow an unwavering commitment to quality and safety.
  • We can join together to create the future we want to inhabit.
  • Large-scale change efforts require deliberate strategic action and strong partnerships across multiple networks.
  • Compassion, respect and gratitude are not the ‘soft stuff’ they are the very bedrock of organisational vitality.
  • Every great thing is created by a series of small actions.
About Freerthinking

Co-production, co-design, and person-centered care are among the new watchwords, and professionals, and those who train them, should master those ideas and embrace the transfer of control over people’s lives to the people.

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